How to view corrupted DBF file

DBF Viewer Tool is a powerful damaged DBF file viewer and recovery tool that is perfectly equipped for viewing Visual FoxPro files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents. Based on a unique database analysis engine, this corrupted *.dbf viewer offers everything necessary for opening database files of any size, viewing their contents and recovering them in a fast and hassle-free manner. The software comes with a built-in database viewer, recovers MEMO field files and enables the user to select the necessary format of the output file. DBF Viewer tool supports DBF files created in dBase IV, FoxPro 2, Visual FoxPro, Clipper and other database products using this format.

Program features:

  • Advanced file analysis engine allowing users to view FoxPro files that were seriously damaged in all sorts of data corruption incidents
  • An intuitive and user-friendly user interface that guides the users through the process
  • An integrated database browser that assists users who don’t know how to view corrupted dbf file data
  • Recovery of the database structure, data and associated MEMO field files
  • Support of a wide range of DBF formats
  • Possibility to manually specify the format of the output DBF file
  • Detailed database recovery log

DBF Viewer Tool is a uniquely efficient damaged DBF file viewer that provides comprehensive answers to the following questions:

  • I cannot open and view a DBF file. What should I do?
  • How to view corrupted DBF file data?
  • Is there an efficient damaged DBF file viewer on the market?
  • Is there any way of viewing visual FoxPro files damaged by a power failure?

System requirements:

  • Windows 98 and above