How it works

  1. Step.1 Download software from website: Download Free

  2. Step.2 Start Install software:

    • Press on downloaded installation file in browser:
    • Select a downloaded installation file in Windows Explorer and press Enter or double click on it.

  3. Step.3 Please confirm warning message:

  4. Step.4 Run installation wizard:

  5. Step.5Run program:

    • Double click on icon on desktop:
    • Select from main menu: Start | Programs | MDB Viewer Tool | MDB Viewer Tool

  6. Step.6 Please select a damaged Microsoft Access file on first page of repair wizard in MDB Viewer Tool:

  7. Step.7 Press Next button:

  8. Step.8 Program will read and analyze a damaged file a several minutes. Later you can see:

    • Tables (structure (as SQL script), indexes (as SQL script) and records)
    • Queries (as SQL script)
    • Relations (as SQL script)

  9. Step.9 Press Next button:

  10. Step.10 Select path to save a recovered data:

  11. Step.11 Press on Recover button:

  12. Step.12 On last page shows a detailed log of recovery process: