How to view corrupted PDF file

PDF Viewer Tool, specialized damaged PDF viewer software, was created for users looking for a way to open unreadable PDF files, view their content and recover PDF data with minimal effort and in minimal time. This broken PDF viewer software is based on a proprietary file analysis engine that uses several algorithms to ensure top viewing and recovery efficiency. PDF Viewer Tool was designed for users of all skill levels, which makes it possible for non-professionals and users with no prior recovery experience to open corrupted files, view them and restore their data without problems. The program recovers the content of PDF files, embedded fonts and metadata, PDF file parameters and tables of internal cross-links to generate PDF files with as much original content as possible. PDF Viewer Tool features a highly intuitive user interface that uses a multi-step wizard to guide the user through the process and requires a bare minimum of user input. The software makes no modifications to the damaged source file, allowing users to resort to alternative recovery means.

Product highlights:

  • Powerful file viewing and data recovery engine based on a combination of intelligent proprietary algorithms
  • Comprehensive recovery of data from damaged PDF files: text, images, fonts, file properties, internal links
  • Highly intuitive wizard-based interface for lightning-fast viewing and recovery
  • Selection of the output PDF file version
  • Detailed log of the recovery process

PDF Viewer Tool is a comprehensive PDF viewing and recovery solution that answers the following questions:

  • Where can I find a corrupted PDF viewer download link?
  • Where can I download corrupt PDF viewer software?
  • How to view corrupted PDF files that won’t open?
  • How to view damaged or corrupted PDF files after a hard drive crash?

System requirements:

  • Windows 98 and above