DBX Viewer Tool

DBX Viewer Tool is an all-in-one, highly efficient and easy to use corrupt DBX viewer and recovery tool for Outlook Express DBX files. The core of this corrupt DBX file viewer uses a combination of several file analysis algorithms for maximum speed or file viewing and subsequent recovery.

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EDB Viewer Tool

EDB Viewer Tool is a powerful viewer of corrupted Exchange Server databases that comes with a host of useful features and an interface that even a complete rookie will have no problems with. This damaged EDB viewer supports different Exchange Server versions, from 2003 (a combination of an *.edb and an *.stm file) to the more popular 2007 and 2010 (a single *.edb file for all data).

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OST Viewer Tool

OST Viewer Tool is free software for viewing the content of OST files of any version and size.

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Microsoft Office
PST Viewer Tool

PST Viewer Tool is an ultimately powerful and efficient Microsoft Outlook .PST viewer with data recovery functionality.

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XLSX Viewer Tool

XLSX Viewer Tool is a specialized reader/explorer and recovery tool for damaged Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files.

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DOCX Viewer Tool

DOCX Viewer Tool was specifically created to facilitate the process of viewing corrupt DOCX file data and recovering them. The program uses a multi-pass file analysis and recovery engine for viewing corrupted wordfiles and is an indispensable tool for users who can’t view doc file data after power shortages or hardware failures.

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MDB Viewer Tool

MDB Viewer Tool is a specialized damaged MDB viewer that enables users to open corrupted Access files, view their content and recover MDB data using a convenient wizard-driven interface. Designed as an easy to use corrupted ACCDB viewer for all categories of users, the software completely automates the process of data recovery and provides the necessary functionality for viewing badly damaged Access database files.

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MPP Viewer Tool

MPP Viewer Tool is a powerful all-in-one software product that enables users to open and view damaged Microsoft Project MPP files, as well as to recover their contents with a few mouse clicks. The product uses a combination of advanced algorithms that conduct thorough file analysis and identify as many recoverable objects as possible.

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PPTX Viewer Tool

PPTX Viewer Tool is a compact, easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful and efficient damaged PPT viewer that enables users to open corrupted PowerPoint presentation files, view their content and recover it to healthy, readable PPTX files. This broken Microsoft PowerPoint viewer is based on an intelligent proprietary engine that combines several approaches and algorithms to reach outstanding file viewing accuracy and recovery efficiency.

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DBF Viewer Tool

DBF Viewer Tool is a powerful damaged DBF file viewer and recovery tool that is perfectly equipped for viewing Visual FoxPro files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents. Based on a unique database analysis engine, this corrupted *.dbf viewer offers everything necessary for opening database files of any size, viewing their contents and recovering them in a fast and hassle-free manner.

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MDF Viewer Tool

MDF Viewer Tool is an efficient, fast and reliable corrupted SQL database viewer featuring an intuitive interface and a proprietary file analysis engine that enables users to open and view even seriously damaged MDF database files. The product is intended for professional and non-professional users with little or no previous experience of dealing with damaged databases.

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PDF Viewer Tool

PDF Viewer Tool, specialized damaged PDF viewer software, was created for users looking for a way to open unreadable PDF files, view their content and recover PDF data with minimal effort and in minimal time. This broken PDF viewer software is based on a proprietary file analysis engine that uses several algorithms to ensure top viewing and recovery efficiency.

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AI Viewer Tool

AI Viewer Tool is a specialized solution for viewing damaged Adobe Illustrator AI files and recovering data from them in a simple, hassle-free and user-friendly manner. The program was created by professionals in the area of data recovery for a wide audience ranging from computer rookies to data recovery gurus.

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PSD Viewer Tool

PSD Viewer Tool is a powerful viewer of damaged Photoshop PSD files that offers unparalleled functionality, speed and quality of file viewing and recovery in the worst data corruption cases. The unique file analysis engine of the program has no problems opening extra large PSD files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents ranging from power shortages and hardware failures to software bugs and virus attacks.

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NSF Viewer Tool

NSF Viewer Tool is a power-packed solution for opening, viewing and restoring the contents of Lotus Notes NSF files damaged as the result of all kinds of incidents involving the file system: hardware failures, power outages, virus attacks and so forth. The intelligent core of the program makes file viewing and recovery of messages a simple task that anyone can cope with.

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CAD Tools
CDR Viewer Tool

CDR Viewer Tool is a fast viewer and advanced data recovery tool for damaged CorelDraw files. The software was created for all categories of users willing to know how to view damaged Corel Draw files and requires no special knowledge or skills, thus allowing novices to open and view a damaged CorelDraw file and recover data from it without any problems.

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DWG Viewer Tool

DWG Viewer Tool is a powerful damaged DWG files viewer offering unmatched speed, recovery efficiency and ease of use. The product is intended for regular users and AutoCAD professionals dealing with multiple DWG files coming from various sources on various media, which usually implies a higher possibility of data corruption.

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RAR Viewer Tool

RAR Viewer Tool is an efficient viewer of damaged RAR archives with advanced data recovery functionality. Featuring a lightweight and intuitive interface, the program requires literally no time to get used to and enables users with no recovery experience and a generally low level of computer literacy to view the contents of corrupted RAR files and restore them.

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ZIP Viewer Tool

ZIP Viewer Tool was specifically created for the purpose of showing users how to view broken ZIP files. The software uses a proprietary file analysis engine based on a combination of algorithms to deliver unmatched speed, accuracy and efficiency of data recovery.

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