How to view corrupted PSD file

PSD Viewer Tool is a powerful viewer of damaged Photoshop PSD files that offers unparalleled functionality, speed and quality of file viewing and recovery in the worst data corruption cases. The unique file analysis engine of the program has no problems opening extra large PSD files damaged in all kinds of data corruption incidents ranging from power shortages and hardware failures to software bugs and virus attacks. The program analyzes damaged files layer by layer and enables the user to view layer information in a built-in browser, making it possible to see particular image parameters without restoring the file. Apart from being a fast PSD viewer for corrupted Photoshop files, the program is also an efficient and reliable PSD recovery tool, which extracts more information than most of its closest competitors do and does not modify the source file in any way. The wizard-based interface of PSD Viewer Tool is simple enough to be used by people with zero recovery experience. This Photoshop viewer for damaged PSD files fully supports all major Windows versions and versions of the PSD file format.

Product features:

  • Fast and reliable viewing of damaged PSD files
  • Layer-by-layer browsing and viewing of layer properties
  • Fast and accurate recovery of PSD file data
  • Detailed recovery log shown at the end of each recovery session
  • Compact size, easy installation

PSD Viewer Tool offers everything necessary for hassle-free PSD file recovery and provides answers to the following questions:

  • Is there a broken PSD viewer download link I could use?
  • How to view damaged Photoshop PSD file data?
  • Can anyone recommend a PSD viewer for corrupted Photoshop files?

System requirements:

  • Windows 98 and above