How to view corrupted RAR file

RAR Viewer Tool is an efficient viewer of damaged RAR archives with advanced data recovery functionality. Featuring a lightweight and intuitive interface, the program requires literally no time to get used to and enables users with no recovery experience and a generally low level of computer literacy to view the contents of corrupted RAR files and restore them. The program uses several algorithms at once to locate as many files in a broken RAR archive as possible, thus considerably improving the chances of successful recovery. RAR Viewer Tool supports all versions of the RAR format, recovers data from RAR password-protected archives and archives over 4 GB in size, and works with files located on all types of media and in the local network. The integrated file browser lists all recoverable files and allows the user to mark all, none or only good, undamaged files for recovery. The rest of the process is fully automated and requires absolutely no user involvement. RAR Viewer Tool supports all major Windows versions and requires absolutely no third-party components.

Program features:

  • Highly efficient proprietary engine for fast, accurate and reliable file viewing and recovery
  • Lightweight, clear and self-explanatory interface allowing regular users to use the program just as efficiently as professionals
  • Viewing of and recovery from password-protected files (requires manual entry of the password)
  • Processing of files larger than 4 GB in size
  • Integrated RAR file viewer
  • Compact size of the installation file and ease of recovery

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System requirements:

  • Windows 98 and above